Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vintage Aztec Top

Outfit Details:
Shoulder Padded Top: Thrifted
Boyfriend Jeans: Rainbows
Sandals: Thrifted
Cuff Bracelet: Rainbows

Today was the best day ever after a long time. I accepted Christ into my heart again and to change my life around for the better. I felt God calling me today to go to bible study after not attending it for 5 months. Everything God puts into your life it's either a blessing or lesson. One part of trusting God is knowing that if something is meant to be, you will have it. So be patient. God's plans are better than ours. I've been going through pain lately but, the best is yet to come with joy. God will bless me with an amazing man of God's house because I truly deserve nothing, but the best. Everyone in this world is a sinner and not perfect. Only God can judge us! XOXO


  1. Loved this out. That blouse is pretty hot.

  2. love this! esp that top.


  3. i love this look!that shirt is so dope