Friday, August 16, 2013

My Birthday Celebration

Pre Birthday Birthday C/O my good friend Samantha's closet. Danced the night away with friends and the boyfriend.

Happy Birthday to us!

  My Twin Lissette and I celebrated our birthday on Tuesday at Friday's with our love ones. The service took so long, but other then that we had a blast. We were showered with gifts, love, flowers all day. My boyfriend definitely made my birthday so special with all the surprises he had planned for me a week prior until my birthday. I'm truly blessed to have a great man by my side that treats me like a Queen. He's so amazing to me I can't complain or judge. I love spending each day with him.
Surprise Birthday Cake made by my good friend Jenny! It was delicious and the best cake ever!

                                                                With my love ones!

Introducing my handsome boyfriend "Brian" for the first time to my fellow fashion bloggers.

Had the best Birthday ever and blessed to see another year full of many blessings ahead. XOXO :-)


  1. Happy belated birthday!! You looked awesome!

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