Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Outfit Details:

Spiked Turban: Ivylisse Trends

Top: Forver21 (Old)

Jeans: Levi's

Flats: Hot Topic

Spirals Curls 
                                                                         Hello Dolls,
Today I woke up feeling under the weather. I get sick very often around the climate change. It won't stop me from having fun tonight. I'm going to be day of the dead bride. I will post the photos tomorrow of my costume. I went to my friend's Keyla house this morning to curl her hair & styled her outfits for her graduation photo shoot. Now, I have to get my costume ready for tonight and ship out orders from my Ivylisse Trends Shop. I paired my baggy jeans with a long sleeve hello kitty top with my spiked turban. Turbans are perfect for the fall especially when you don't want your hair flying in your face. It can be worn with anything particularly! I wanted to keep my look very comfortable and threw on this flower print flats that I have for more then a couple years now. I love to mix old and new pieces together. Are you brave to wear a turban? Don't worry if people stare at you. It's good to be different and it doesn't matter what people think of how you dress! That was one my biggest fear that I let go many years ago! If I love something and makes me feel happy I'm going to rock whatever. What do you think of my outfit? Have a safe and fun Halloween!


  1. I really like your turban! I think it's a very original accessory and bravo for you, who decided to wear it! I think if you feel comfortable in what you wear, you'll definitely project your confidence and that's the most beautiful thing! I hope you have fun tonight!


  2. i so looove that turban!!I'm slowly getting the gall to wear one, one day lol

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  4. haha I LOVE hello kitty!! Your blog is darling too :) followed you on bloglovin'


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    lovly post!
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  8. I loved your whole your whole look, great outfit!!! I specially love the turban, adorable!!! Where is your store???

  9. Thank you so much:-) My store is on Etsy: